York Region’s Sunshine List goes from 358 employees to 1,812 in just 3 years

In May 2012, York Region Media Group reported that 358 York Region Employees were included on the “Sunshine List” list of employees who earned more than $100,000 annually.

Yesterday, reports indicated that the number of high income earners has grown to 1,812 employees.

That’s an unbelievable growth rate of 406% in high salaried positions over a period of only 3 years time.

Of a resident’s property tax bill, the portion that goes to York Region is between 40% and 50%, depending on which of the nine lower tier municipalities you reside in.

Canada Census data shows York Region’s population was 1,032,524 in 2011. York Region estimates that the population has grown to 1,133,900 by the end of 2014 – or a 9.8% growth rate. Which begs the question: how does York Region defend hiring an additional 1,454 employees making over $100,000 from 358 employees in just 3 years time?

York Region’s public debt is at an all time high and expected to continue to grow in years to come.

Yet despite the tax burden and the free wheel spending, it is difficult to learn where the public’s money is being spent.

York Region Taxpayers Coalition continues to call for greater transparency at York Region. Specific to York Region’s finances, we are calling on York Region Council to appoint an Auditor General to review spending decisions and provide direction on reducing waste and fraud.

York Region Council consists of the Mayors of the nine lower tier municipalities that comprise of York Region and Regional Councillors elected from the municipalities of Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and Georgina.

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