Our submission to York Region Council on electing their Chair

This Thursday, York Region Council will be voting on a motion tabled by Markham regional councillor Joe Li.  Li is asking the council to endorse Newmarket-Aurora MP Chris Ballard’s private members bill calling for the chair of York Region Council to be elected by the public. Currently, only the mayors and regional councillors decide and vote on this appointment.

Arguably, the Chair is the most powerful political position in York Region government.

York Region Taxpayers Coalition supports MP Chris Ballard’s bill but we felt it didn’t go far enough in addressing genuine taxpayer issues. We’ve written our views on this bill in previous posts. See: http://www.yorktaxpayer.ca/issues/toronto-voted-on-it-why-electoral-reform-is-important-in-york-region-too/ and http://www.yorktaxpayer.ca/issues/resistance-to-democratic-reform-in-york-region/

Below is a submission we’ve made for Thursday’s council meeting on behalf of you, our members, on Regional Councillor Li’s motion:



November 17, 2015

Regional Clerk

The Regional Municipality of York

17250 Yonge Street
Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 6Z1

To the Council of The Regional Municipality of York:

In consultation with our members, the York Region Taxpayers Coalition endorses the motion to elect a Regional Chair provided that the following conditions are included:

  1. That the election be conducted with a ranked balloting voting method (pending permission from the Province of Ontario).
  2. That the motion include recommendations for the Province of Ontario to include the same accountability offices as mandated to the City of Toronto via the Toronto Act. These accountability offices include:
    1. Auditor General
    2. Ombudsman
    3. Integrity Commissioner (Including a Council Code of Conduct and a Lobbyist Registry)

The York Region Taxpayers Coalition has advised MPP Chris Ballard (Newmarket-Aurora) of our position and have asked to provide this feedback to the Ontario Legislature committee reviewing Mr. Ballard’s private member bill.

Should you have any questions or require any clarification please contact the undersigned at info@yorktaxpayer.ca.


Maddie Di Muccio


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