Newmarket-Aurora MPP inexplicably gets in the way of his own Bill

On Wednesday, February 24th, York Region Taxpayers Coalition’s president Maddie Di Muccio attended the Ontario Legislature Committee reviewing Bill 42 on the proposed election of the York Region Chair.

Each of the presenters was supportive of an elected Chair for York Region.

The York Region Taxpayers Coalition presented our views as well and fielded questions from all three parties clarifying our position.

After the Committee hearing wrapped up, Di Muccio stayed on at Queen’s Park and spoke to members of the Legislature on Bill 42.

This bill is a private member’s bill, and as is the nature of private bills, it seems that MPP Ballard may have an uphill battle to get it passed. The level of support from the public and from what was sensed by observing the committee isn’t doubted.

As it stands, it’s unclear whether the governing party, the Ontario Liberals, will agree to place it before the Legislature to vote on.

In fact, we learned yesterday that earlier the Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly attempted to move Bill 42 ahead, but astoundingly, it was MPP Ballard himself that requested the Bill be removed from the order.

It seems that even MPP Ballard isn’t sold on the idea of an elected Chair.

The advice we received is as follows:

In 2018, voters need to ask candidates where they stand on electing a Regional Chair and support only any Mayor and Regional Council candidates who will agree to a general election. If there is a “made in York Region solution” after the 2018 election, the Ontario Legislature will happily approve this.

However, as long as the current set of Mayors and Regional Councillors are opposed to the idea of electing a Chair person, it’s unlikely that the Ontario Legislature will want to force something upon them.

That’s because sitting MPPs are reluctant to ruffle feathers with their local mayors.

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