Time for real accountability in York Region

yrtc press release

(Newmarket, Ontario) The York Region Taxpayers Coalition (YRTC) are asking York Region Council to adopt a culture of transparency similar to the City of Toronto.

“Although Bill 8 has yet to be proclaimed in Ontario, we are asking York Region Council to be proactive about transparency,” said YRTC President Maddie Di Muccio.

“With a population of over 1 million residents and plans to grow the region to over 1.8 million over the next 25 years, there is an urgent need for the York Region government to become more customer-service oriented,” said Di Muccio.

The York Region Taxpayers Coalition is asking York Region Council to approve the following:

1) Appoint an Ombudsman to address the complaints of residents and investigate when government policies are not being followed or when services are being denied unfairly.

2) Establish an Integrity Commissioner to develop a Council Code of Conduct and create a lobbyist registry. York Region Council oversees a $2 billion annual budget but has less oversight than most of its member municipalities.

3) Appoint an Auditor General to protect public funds against fraud and waste. Part of the Auditor General’s duties would be the creation of a fraud and waste whistle blower hotline to allow York Region staff and citizens to report instances where public money is not being respected.

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