The high cost of silent politicians: York Region commuters will be paying for DVP tolls

Afraid to ruffle feathers with York Region’s neigbour to our south, York Region MPPs, Mayors and Regional Councillors have thus far been too timid to speak out against John Tory’s predatory toll charge proposal for the Don Valley Parkway.

The City of Toronto has a tax problem. Toronto’s City Council politicians don’t have the intestinal fortitude to charge property taxes that are commensurate with the services the city provides. In 2012, the average property tax rate in the GTA was $5,139, as compared to just $4,392 average within the City of Toronto. Toronto’s tax burden is less because the mill rate for Toronto at that time was 0.7929218%; the average GTA mill rate was 1.13843887%.

So when Toronto needs money, it often looks to the overburdened York Region taxpayers to help out. An example of this is the Toronto-York-Spadina subway extension. Each York Region homeowner is on the hook for $2,000 to help the TTC, owned by the City of Toronto, grow. This initiative was widely supported by York Region’s MPPs, Mayors and Regional Councillors. You can read more about the out of control TTC subway spending here:

Receiving over $1,000,000,000 directly from York Region taxpayers for that subway extension wasn’t enough to sate Toronto Mayor Tory’s appetite for your hard earned cash. He now proposes to nickel and dime York Region commuters by charging a toll on the DVP. For York Region residents who travel to work in Toronto, on top of your costs for gasoline (rising on January 1st due to Kathleen Wynne’s carbon tax), the cost of insurance (rates are increasing as reported by the Toronto Star on October 19, 2016), commuters will have to shill out more for driving to use the City of Toronto owned DVP.

Most worrisome for our members has been the eerie silence from our elected officials. Other than Vaughan MPP Steven Del Duca’s promise to study the Mayor Tory proposal (as Transportation Minister, he has the authority to kill the idea if he wanted to, but that would require him to actually consider what is in the best interests of the very people who elected him), no other York Region politician has come forward to condemn Mayor Tory’s plan thus far.

Members of York Region Taxpayer Coalition are frustrated and feel underrepresented. We wish to assure our members that should the DVP toll plan go ahead, York Region Taxpayer Coalition is committed to making the present inaction of our Mayors, Regional Councillors and MPPs a re-election issue. We will remind voters which York Region politicians remained silent while Toronto Council drained the pockets of York Region commuters.

To support this initiative, please donate to York Region Taxpayer Coalition with this link:

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