The return of photo radar in Ontario?


There’s a push by a regional council in the GTA to bring back photo radar, York region councillors are looking to the province to see if they can use photo radar there but while council is excited about the idea, the province isn’t very receptive to it.

Newmarket Mayor Tony Vanbynen says speeding is a big problem in York region and photo radar is the way to tackle it, “traffic safety and speeding has always been the number one concern for our residents in our community”

It’s not the first time the region has toyed with the idea of photo radar, it was proposed in 2012 but shot down by the government. It was also implemented in the 90’s in Ontario for a short time but it was unpopular with many people.

Photo radar takes pictures of a speeding cars license plate and then mails out the ticket. That’s just one of the many problems the York Region Taxpayers Coalition has with the plan. The coalition also thinks the move would increase taxes and they say that’s something that residents don’t want. But the mayor says the units would be purchased with revenue generated from the cameras.

At Queen’s Park liberal MPP Steven Delduca said the province will review the proposal and NDP leader Andrea Horwath urged the municipality to look at other options.